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Workers Compensation Insurance

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Think of some things that give you a headache.  I know one thing that leads the list.  How about a workers comp audit?  Yes,  that is a major headache.  At Modern Family we have developed  a strategy to help keep the audit from ruining your day.  We don't want your audit to be a bad experience.  We don't want you to watch your profits dry up as you watch them being shipped off the XYZ Insurance Company. Email or call us today and talk to us.  Tell us you don't want your audit to be a headache.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from customers:   When do I have to have work comp insurance?   Am I responsible for injuries to a sub contractor that I pay on a 1099?  How is my premium determined?  

I hear this question every day:  If I have only 1 employee do I have to have workers compensation insurance?  

At Modern Family Insurance Agency Inc, having a workplace that is protected gives you extra security. As a Georgia employer, you have an obligation to ensure a safe work place and the law requires a business to have Workers Compensation Insurance. Work Comp insurance can provide the coverage to protect you from those unpredictable occurances.

We offer many different programs for different industries in Georgia, in order to customize a package that fits your needs and industry. We take a proactive approach to our clients' Workers' Compensation challenges. We will work to reduce your insurance costs, thereby saving you money this year and years to come.

Coverage and benefits can be obtained for the worker no matter who is at fault. For those workers injured in the workplace, medical expenses and income replacement may be necessary. Our network of companies and experienced agents with help you find the right policy that meets all your needs. By contacting us today, we can assist and guide you through these complicated steps.

How does this benefit the Georgia business owner?


  • Reduced injuries and losses
  • Reduced medical and disability costs
  • Reduced policy adjustments
  • Reduced premium costs

As a small business owner it is very important that you gain a solid understanding of how workers compensation works.  If you have a large business we can help you gain control of your work comp costs.   One of the things we are very proud of is our in office consultation.  For no fee, we will spend a few minutes helping you understand work comp insurance.  Why you need it, and what happens if you don't have it.  Call us for an appointment. 
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