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Home Owners Cancelled?

Has Your House Insurance Been Cancelled?

Did you recieve a letter in the mail telling you that on a cerain date your home insurance will be cancelled?   A message like this can be very alarming and we have a solution for you.  We welcome new customers who have had their home insurance cancelled.

Companies cancel home owner insurance for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons may be:

1.  Roof is in need of replacement
2.  House is in need of other updates or repairs.
3.  You may own a pet that is not acceptable to your home 

We have helped home owners obtain insurance to replace cancelled policies successfully. 
If you are facing a situation like this call us or complete a quote request.  One advantage we have is our access to several major companies that understand how to help hom owners who have had their insurance cancelled.  

We can help you determine how you can get your home or claims situation back in shape so you will no longer be a cancelled home owner.  Chances are we can insure your home even if no one else will.  We are successful about 90% of the time.  If your home insurance has been cancelled complete our online quote form or give us a call.  Or just send us an email to and tell us your story.  

Because our office is Independent and not obligated to sell the products of just one company we can choose from a variety of replacement home owner policies for your situation.

How well we are able to accomplish this depends on a number of things such as why you were cancelled.   We will be glad to help in Georgia, Tennessee or Alabama.  Send  us an email explaining your situation or just give us a call.