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Woodstock, Georgia Restaurant, Bar & Taverns Insurance

Woodstock, Georgia Restaurant, Bar & Taverns Insurance

I was recently at Normal Palooza in Chattanooga, Tenn.  I had some of the best food you can buy right off the special vendor stands.  All kinds of food.  And, we can insure short term vendors, food trucks, and the family restaurant.  I had the pleasure of dining at Fires of Brazil on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Ga.  Great food.  Upscale restaurant and we have a special plan of insurance for this type of establishment.  When it comes to Mexican restaurant,  Turkish Donar Kapob, Barbeque or just good old fashioned family dining we have a plan of insurance to address insurance coverage.

Modern Family Insurance Agency Inc caters to the insurance needs of today's restaurant owners, offering quality coverage unique to the industry. Designed for full-service fine dining and family restaurants, our value is straight forward...we can better serve you because we specialize in and understand the restaurant industry. We offer:


  • Broad coverages designed for your industry and tailored to your standards.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Responsive, fair claims services that protect the best interests of policy owners.
  • Access to safety and loss prevention information specifically for restaurant operations.

As experts in restaurant insurance and risk management issues, we have built upon our experience to develp a portfolio of coverage to address every facey of your restaurant operation. Available coverages include:

  • Property Insurance - Business Income, Equipment Breakdown, Food Contamination Spoilage, Sewer Backup
  • Crime/Employee Dishonesty
  • General Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Employee Benefit Liability

We also offer medical insurance for owner and staff, disability income insurance, and life insurance to cover a loan you may have taken out to finance your venture.

Not only can we write the liability, products liability and other important coverages for a restaurant, but we can also write the work comp insurance.  And, we have a choice of companies to address your specific needs.  

At Modern Family we write all kinds of restaurants.  We have coverage for food trucks, vendors, and upscale set down restaurants.  But, no matter the size or operations of our customer - we know they don't like surprises.  That is why we work so hard to make sure there are no surprises should a claim occur.