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Answer This Question Part IV

Jul 22, 2012
Eveyone has heard the term "uninsured motorists." When I ask what that means I get a variety of answers. Make a point to understand how this vital coverage works to your advantage - or leaves you desparately in need of protection. It is real easy to miss the whole point of this coverage.

The basic purpose is to provide protection for you and the occupants of your car if someone who is not insured causes injury to you or your passengers in a situation where the driver causing the crash has no coverage.

Driver B crashes into driver A. Driver A calls ABC Ins Co. and says your driver B crashed into me. I would like ot be paid for my damage. ABC ins Co says,

I"m sorry to tell you this but driver B didn't pay his premium and the policy is not in force. So, you try to collect from driver B and find driver B has no capacity to pay.

You now have injuries, and your occupants have injuries and your car is smashed. You will need about $90,000 to get back to where you were before the accident. If you have uninsured motorist coverage it would step in and take care of you. In my next article we will go deeper into uninsured motorist and find out if it will pay the whole $90,000. Stay tuned!
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