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Answer This Question Part II

Jul 14, 2012
I decided to make a series out of this. So part II deals with another accident situation. Here we go. Suppose you have an auto accident. And, you are cited at fault. The person in the other vehicle is injured and has a judgement for $129,456,98. Now, here is my question: How much would your policy pay? This is a serious question so take a minute and answer it correctly. Suppose you have 50,000 of coverage. Your insurer will pay the 50,000. Who pays the difference? You do. That is not a good secenario. If your not sure of the answer to this question contact our office for a review. We write coverage in Ga and Tenn. If you are in a different state we can give you a referral. Find the answer to that question and don't get caught with inadequate insurance on your car.
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