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Jul 9, 2012
I know this is a website dedicated to insurance matters but occasionally I would like to move away from insurance as a topic and blog on other matters. I am not a big fan of freeways! I know we need them. But, back roading leads to so many interesting and unique sites and choices of eating places. I was travelling north on interstate 75 in South Ga recently when I saw a sign for a town named "Unadilla." Unadilla? Hmmm... I thought maybe it has a Spanish significance. Eager for any mental exercise that my stop my highway yawning I decided to try figuring it out. Una meaning one, I reasoned. But, what could a dilla be? Maybe half an armadillo? I quickly dispensed of any possible connection to Spanish. With the help of my old friend Mr Google I quickly found that Unadilla was a native term for "gathering place." Ah, now that is why I like backroads. Unadilla, I repeated slowly. Gathering place. That is a much warmer name than the names you see on the interstate. You know, names like rest stop ahead, last chance for gas, or Atlanta 250 miles. before I close I want to leave you with a link of interesting facts about Unadilla. Now for a challenge: Post your favorite small town and provide a link to share it with my blog community. I know the freeway system is necessary to get where we are going in a reasonable time. But, jump off when you can!
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