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Top Shape Tires

Jul 1, 2012
Most cars on our roads are operating on tires inflated to only 80 percent of capacity. Wow, 80%! According to the website,, inflating tires to their proper pressure can improve mileage by about 3.3 percent, whereas leaving them under-inflated can lower mileage by 0.4 percent for every one PSI drop in pressure of all four tires. With gas over $3.00 per gallon having a plan for saving is a great idea. And, you don't have to order a contraption online and spend all day Saturday installing it on your car. Just grab a tire gauge. I have two and I take two readings.
Lets just say you drive about 12,000 miles yearly on under-inflated tires. You will use about 144 extra gallons of gas, at a cost of $300-$500 a year. Time to ring that cow bell! That is a lot of cash. And each time one of those gallons of gas is burned, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere as the carbons in the gas are released and combine with the oxygen in the air. So, running on soft tires is contributing a lot more pollution into the environment annually. So, jump up during the next commercial break, go check those tires. Consult your tire dealer or your auto manual for the proper amount of inflation.
Another money saving hint. When you check your tires the cost is from $1.00 down to no charge at all. Watch and note where there is air a air check at not cost. Don't want to miss any television at all? Check with your Tire Store that installs your tires. They will typically check your tires at no cost. Got a great gas saving idea? Post it here.
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