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Should My Contractor Be Insured?

Mar 25, 2012
Do you need to perform some maintenance on your house this spring? Are there other repairs that need to be done such as plumbing repair, roof replacement? Most of us have a long list of repairs we need to do, or if you are like me and possess no talent for construction we are forced to hire someone to do the work for us.

We often go through a process of asking for references, etc. but how often do we make sure the contractor has liability coverage? Suppose the contractor accidentally drops his ladder on your car? Or, a bucket of paint falls from a scaffold onto your porch? Who pays for the cleanup? You may be surprised to find that you would need to turn in a clam on your home owners insurance if your contractor has no coverage. And, you would need to pay the deductible. That is unless your contractor has the proper coverage for his company. How can you determine if the contractor has insurance? There is one way to tell and one way only. Request proof that your contractor has coverage. After you get the proof of coverage have your insurance agent that insures your home and car take a look to make sure it is authentic. Make sure your contractor has the type of coverage that will take care of any damage that may be caused by the contractor. If your contractor says insurance is too expensive you may be better served to move on to a different contractor.
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