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Is Jewelry Covered Under a Home Owner Policy?

Apr 21, 2014
The answer to whether your jewelry is covered is maybe. On the more common home owner policy called HO3 jewelry is usually covered up to a certain amount. Usually 1,000 to 1,500 depending on the company. However; even though you don't need an appraisal I strongly encourage you to appraise your jewelry. This actually happended in our office: A customer visited and ask that we insured about 10,000 in jewelry. I urged the customer to obtain an appraisal. Upon returning to my office the customer told me the appraisal showed a value of 40,000. Why the big difference? The increased cost of precious metals. First and best idea is to get an appraisal. In my next blog entry I will tell you how to insure your jewelry, so check back in a few days.
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