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Can Exercise Reduce Insurance Rates

Jun 30, 2013
I was once a member of my high school track team. I hunted, fished, hiked. Overall probably in good physical conditioning. I served 4 years in the military and that package carrys a built in exercise program of its own. Ah, but then civilian life, television, microwave and of course the drive thru window on every corner. Gone was the fishing and hunting gear, a new younger team hit the track field and I was no longer eligible to be there. Marching was a thing of the past. So, with no where to turn I joined the National Institue of the Sendentary. Well, you don't really have to join. It is an automatic.

Recently though I found that you can actually go out and take a walk. What a discovery, First it was 1/2 mile, then a full mile, and now up to 3. You can even time yourself. If you have a smart phone you can get more information that you could ever read about your walk. This includes calories burned, average speed, etc, etc.

How does this tie into lowering insurance rates? Well I am no scientist. In high school regretably noone walked past my table during science project day. But, some things you just know. If you lower your blood pressure, and have better lab results you will make less claims on your insurance. And, you will pay your deductible fewer times in a year.

Another plus: You will feel better and be able to stay awake during the entire episode of your favorite T.V. program. That is a pretty good deal!
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