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Discounts - Just Ask, Patiently

Mar 2, 2013
Okay, I would like to talk for a minute about a don't do, and a to do. First of all the don't do. I would not phone my inusurance agent just before jumping out of your car for a important appointment and hurriedly ask if there are discounts you might be missing. You want your agent to be focused 100% on you, and your question. And, when you are in a hurry to get to that appointment I would say that directly affects the quality of the call.

Our "quick serve" emphasis I think cheats us out of some pretty good stuff. Here is one example I have witnessed a number of times while standing in line. Someone takes a questionable item back to a dept store for refund or credit. The clerk hesitates while the customer lets the clerk know in no uncertain terms that unless condtions are met that this customer will no longer be shopping this store.

A better approach would be for the customer to be patient. Most of the time the clerk , or manager if brought in will gladly meet the customer condition. My point is that we should all give the system time to work. I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit many other countries and had the pleasure of participating in other cultures while there..

Sometimes just a little more patience pays huge dividends. Now, who am I writing this to afterall? I am writing it primarily to myself as a reminder because I can be pretty impatient.

We see advertising frequently that promises things like 15 minutes or less, or other quick time lines. I typically think of those as in the category of too good to be true. Our challenge is not to let corporate time planners herd us into quick decisons.
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