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About Modern Family Insurance Agency Inc

We are a Independent Insurance Agency.  There is a big difference in the way we operate and the way a direct company who sells only one company operates.  

Our primary objective is to talk with you and gain an understanding of your concerns.  With that understanding we work to create a insurance program that is tailored to you.  I believe all of your insurance should work in a coordinated fashion to provide the best coverage.  

That is why we are trained in auto, home, life, business, and disability insurance.   We invite you to contact us and experience the difference between  getting a quote and getting properly protected.

We are a high energy agency.  And, our energy is focused on helping you build a barrier between your valuables and the bad things that can come along.  We see all kinds of interesting customers  every day.  This may include general contractors, food trucks, tree removal companies, restaurants, and the list goes on.  Taking care of this variety requires high energy and creativity to locate just the right coverage for our customer.   We help you make sure you have enough insurance on your house.  Anybody can sell home owner insurance.  When it comes to car insurance we can help you choose the right coverage.  No setting up all night scrolling thru "do it yourself" computer modules.  When you buy insurance online it is a good deal for the insurance company.  They don't have to talk to you and you "do it yourself."  And, you usually pay about as much as if you were guided by a professional.  Have a conversation with a real person who knows you and understands your insurance needs. 

When I get an oil change I want my car carefully inspected for hoses that may have excessive wear or oil leaks.  Anyone can change oil but a real concientious technician looks at the whole car.  Is there a difference in price?  Not usually.  Our training and the application of our training is a value added.  You only pay the premium for chosen coverages.  Check us out and ask for the comprehensive check up. 

Here is a brief sampling of questions we help you answer:  If you have a crash in your car and cause 125,000 in damage how much will you auto policy pay toward that damage?  Another important question:  If you become disabled due to a crash with a uninsured motorist how much will your auto insurance pay toward your disability?  There are even more questions and many of them equally if not more important.  The answers to these questions are vital to your financial health and I  haven't seen anyone or any marketing scheme that can answer these quesitons in 15 minutes or less.  Trust your financial protection to a professional.  Choose an Independent Agent.  

Yes, you can buy on the phone.  When you do - if you have a problem chances are the telephone agent who sold you the policy will have very limited resources to help you.  It isn't because they aren't interested in your problem.  They are hard working honest people.  But, they  are transactional in their thinking.  

When it comes to solving your problems you don't need a transaction.  You need an idea.  One that can't jump out of a computer.  A good old fashioned human idea.  That is the difference.  We offer partnering with you, and solving the problem.  I receently met with a customer, and adjuster to discuss a claim.  Thru discussing my customer's insterest and advocating for my customer the claim was paid.  I can't make sure all claims are paid exactly like the customer wants.  But, I can make sure my customer is treated fairly. 

Insurance is one of those products that we find out if we have or not after the crash, fire, or whatever calamity you face. Unlike milk, insurance is something that we find out if we have or not a little too late.   So, my big push for the day is to invite you to review your insurance.   Do not rush that review.  It will take more than 15 minutes.
Our office conducts reviews by phone or in person.  

You want a well trained professional to review all your coverage and make recommendations on any changes you may need.  Here is an actual case study:  Driver one drove up to a retail store.  The brakes failed causing the vehicle to crash into the building causing about 75,000 in damages to the building.  Even though there were no injuries the driver had to pay 25,000 of the damage.  The driver could have raised their coverage for about $2.00   Contact us today for a review

And, you need a good insurance agent.  Take our agency for example. We focus 100% on the subject of insurance.  We don't have a side business.  I know that doesn't sound like an exciting day,  but our focus on insurance enables us to help our customers.  I really think we do a much better job than buying on line or calling a toll free number.  That is because we understand your risks, and have a better idea of how to address those risk.   We are familiar with local people to take care of damages to your home.  Body shops to fix your car.  These are all people in your community.  Another big plus is that we are an Independent Insurance Agency which means we have more than one company to choose from. The ability for us to choose enables us to match customer need to the company that will fit the best.  Whether you have a business in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, Canton we would like to hear from you.  If you have a business in Chattanooga, or North Alabama we would like to have an opportunity to help you with your insurance.   Contact us.  

Actual Case Study:  I reviewed the coverage for a customer who bought direct by phone.  This customer was  nearing retirement and in need of umbrella liability.  Not only did this cutomer not have an umbrella liability policy but also had very inadequate liability.  I don't know if that happended because the customer bought by phone or not.  But, it does seem as if when you buy direct or over the internet there is a certain responsibility for you to watch out for your own coverages.  For my own consumer appetite I don't want that responsibility.  I prefer to be advised - and advised properly.  That is what an Independent Agent does.  Contact us and see the difference.  One minor warning:  We make no effort to complete our work in 15 minutes or less.  We value your business relationship and will take whatever amount of time it takes.  

Too often I see the focus placed on the price of auto insurance with little or no emphasis placed on the quality of insurance.  If you have a crash your auto policy will pay to defend you.  When you find yourself in that situation you want to be sure it is adequate.  I would be cautious to entrust that to a 15 minute portion of time.  That may be great for the insurance company.  To get you in and out the door in 15 minutes.  But, if may leave you with inadequate insurance.  

Serving Cherokee county, Woodstock, Canton, Holly Springs, Ball Ground, Fulton County, Roswell, Alpharetta, Forsyth County, Cumming Georgia, including the state of Georgia. 

Some commercial products are available in Tennessee and Alabama